About Us

We Are The Leading Subscription Management Platform In The Universe.

What we do

Subscriptions Made Simple

We are changing how people buy services from their favorite local businesses with the first ever global subscription marketplace, built with innovative technology that is easy, safe and convenient.  Upscribbr saves people money by making everyday services – like going to a yoga class, getting a haircut, manicure or an oil change, and occasional adventures – like going to the spa, taking dance lessons or visiting the zoo – subscription friendly.

Simultaneously, we are making a huge difference for local businesses by enabling them to create subscriptions to their services, advertise them on our platform for free and get paid by their loyal customers on autopilot.

Our Start

Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, Upscribbr empowers consumers to discover, purchase and manage subscriptions in one place, while enabling merchants to create and advertise their subscription plans in the Upscribbr ecosystem. 

Our Team

Our people are excited to bring forward great ideas and serve our customers. 

Our Customers

From people on a quest to discover services in their area and control all their subscriptions from their smartphone, to small business owners looking to better serve their customers and create predictable, recurring revenue.

Our Promise

Everyone at Upscribbr is obsessed with finding the most genius ways to make our users’ lives easier.

Core Values

What We Believe

Small local businesses deserve more advertising options. We offer all-in-one tools and support to help small businesses set up subscription plans to generate more leads and grow revenue.

In solving problems, we never stop searching to uncover challenges that both our consumers and merchants face and developing solutions to address those challenges effectively and effortlessly. We take the pain out of setting up subscriptions and help businesses achieve revenue stability by allowing them to offer custom subscription plans to get paid ahead of time.

Simplicity is genius. We have made our platform simple, intuitive, and fun to use. Anyone could navigate it easily.

Transparency is not just a marketing word. We keep our users up to date on the latest developments, bugs and anything else that might affect how they use Upscribbr. We have done away with all the extra fine print and made all policies and terms easy to find and understand.

Diversity is the foundation for thriving communities. We want to empower diversity among business. We know that small business varies among cultures and nationalities and we want to embrace this diversity. We want to empower all business owners regardless of culture, beliefs or background with the tools necessary to thrive and grow their business.


Words From Founder

“I decided to create the world’s first subscription marketplace that empowers small businesses with a simple to use platform for adopting, integrating, and deploying a subscription business model to their customer base, at the same time giving the every user the capability to fully control and manage all their subscriptions in one secure app and the experience of discovering exculsize subscriptions products and services locally.”

Silas Wellington, Founder & CEO


Join the Revolution!

We’re working hard to disrupt how people buy services from their favorite local businesses, pioneering the subscription mindset and blazing new trails in subscription technology that is easy, safe and convenient.