Attract Repeat Customers with a Barbershop Subscription

Jessica Palmer
Jessica Palmer

Marketing specialist @ Upscribbr

Attract repeat customers with a barbershop subscription

Subscription services have taken over the retail world over the past few years. Consumers today are focused on predictability, access, and automation. They also want services and products specifically tailored to their needs.

Barbershop subscriptions can be tailored to different groups of consumers. The subscriptions are fixed price and predictable. Your clients don’t have to spend time thinking about what they will pay (or when) for your services. Barbershop subscriptions are also an opportunity for you to tap into a predictable source of revenue.

Barbershop Subscriptions are a Win for Both You and Your Customers

When they initiate a recurring payment either monthly, bi-monthly, or annually, your customers know they can trust you’ll deliver a service. This subscription service also establishes a predictable flow of revenue for your business.

The key challenge for any business is to keep customers coming back. When you implement a barbershop subscription, you solve this problem.

How a Barbershop Subscription Works

In a barbershop subscription business model, your customers will be charged on a recurring basis for your services and products. You can choose how long you want them to receive a service and how often. For example:

  • Barbershop Subscription Idea 1– You can offer a $25/month haircut subscription to your customer. They pay the $25 automatically on the first of the month and during that month can come in anytime for a haircut. You can extend that offer by giving them the option to pass the haircut on to a friend or family member during any one month.

A subscription is a type of contract between you and your customer. Your customer pays the agreed monthly (or whatever your chosen frequency) payment, and you provide the agreed-upon service. There are other subscription offers you can create, such as:

  • Barbershop Subscription Idea 2- Many men have facial hair they want to keep trimmed and neat. Expand this subscription into an annual offer for a fee of $150 – and during that year the customer is allowed to come in anytime for a full shave, trim, or other services. At your discretion, you can allow the customer to share or pass on the service to friends or family during the year. 

Customers and businesses reap many benefits with the subscription business model. Subscriptions are more convenient and allow customers to minimize planning. Businesses are able to predict their revenue more accurately. Subscriptions also allow you to build stronger relationships with your customer.

Here’s another barbershop subscription idea that may work for your customers:

Barbershop Subscription Idea 3For many customers, it is easier to deal with a one-time annual payment. As a subscription idea, you can set an annual fee that is reasonable for both your services and a customer’s pocketbook that would allow them unlimited services. You can choose the service to be a haircut, trim, or a hair rinse.

How Your Barbershop Subscription Works with Upscribbr

It is both incredibly convenient and easy to set up your barbershop subscription with Upscribbr. You start by creating the subscription offer you want to send to your customers or you want to use to attract new customers. Your subscription offer is completely customized by you to meet your customer’s needs and your preferences.

Once you have created your subscription, it is ready to go in front of your customers and Uprscribbr Marketplace users immediately. You can invite existing customers as well as give them the option to share the subscription with family and friends. You can also place the subscription offer on the Upscribbr marketplace so you can attract new customers to your shop.

Upscribbr takes care of billing and scheduling and pays you automatically, so you have the time to focus on your customers. Contact Upscribbr today and discover how to launch your barbershop subscription and improve your customer satisfaction.

Jessica Palmer
Jessica Palmer

Marketing specialist @ Upscribbr