Features You’ll Love

Tools to help you find and keep more customers

Advertise for free

Let customers find you! Customers search for businesses and subscriptions by local lists, by category and via maps.

Invite your existing customers

Invite your loyal customers via email or text message, or sign them up in store.

A step-up from word of mouth

Set up shareable subscriptions. When your customers share subscriptions with friends and family, new subscribers get acquainted with your business. You can then offer these new customers special discounts on their own subscriptions.

Make subscriptions that fit your business


Add or change billing frequencies

Frequency establishes the number of services given in a period of time. Create a monthly subscription that includes a visits, or a monthly subscription offering unlimited visits. Your subscriptions can be for any period of time – weekly, monthly, or yearly.

Make subscriptions public or private

Just another way to reward your best customers without making everyone else jealous. You can create invite-only private subscriptions only visible to specific people you select or specific groups you want to engage. 

Make subscriptions shareable

Let your customers share subscriptions with friends and family. You have complete control over the sharing features – make subscriptions shareable or non-shareable, offer special discounts to new customers who purchase a shared subscription or reward customers who share the most. 

Make your payment processing more cost-effective 


Enjoy the built-in customer billing solution.

Focus on serving your customers. We’ll take care of monthly subscription charges, payment processing and tracking redemptions. 

Manage your cash flow

Track everything with robust reporting on desktop and mobile. Keep an eye on how your business is doing and get monthly revenue projections, redeemed subscriptions and more.

GET Instant Payouts

No waiting necessary! Receive payment in your bank account within 24 hrs after a subscription purchase or renewal. 

Flexible pricing options for every business type

Create free trials

Make your subscriptions hard to pass up

Free trials allow new customers to experience your product or service. Upscribbr simplifies and automates free trials so you can easily switch customers to a paid subscription afterwards.

Experiment with introductory prices

And get customers hooked

Discounted introductory pricing help you make more sales and reach your revenue goals. You can offer an intro price to give a customer a taste of the experience and get them hooked on your business 

Custom subscriptions

Reward important customers

Create private subscriptions customized to specific customers. Or create special subscriptions for a group of customers – great options for promotions or offer special pricing to reach different customers

Better analytics for sustainable growth

Visualize trends

See customer and revenue trends across your entire subscription business. 

Cohort analysis

Look at how your subscriptions change over time with cohort analysis. Pinpoint the reason for churn and work with your team to address issues in your subscriber lifecycle and boost your revenue growth.

Track staff

Track revenue by staff member and across your entire organization. 

Manage all the team members in one place

Manage Staff Members

Assign specific clients and subscriptions to individual staff members. Retain full control of each staff member’s activity and assignments. Track performance by staff member and get a better handle on your numbers.

Manage Contractors

Give your contractors limited access to your Upscribbr account so they can check in customers. Contractors control their own accounts so your revenue doesn’t mix. 

Get clear reports

Upscribbr offers a complete view of your business and helpful breakdowns to help you track individual team members – both internal and contractors. Your overall business stats include contractor stats. You can also view individual business stats and separate stats by contractor to see how each contractor is contributing.

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