How Upscribbr Can help my business?

Jessica Palmer
Jessica Palmer

Marketing specialist @ Upscribbr

how upscribbr can help my business

Upscribbr is a subscription management app and a driving force behind a transition to a ‘subscription for everything’ world. It provides you more control over your experiences, finances, and lifestyle. Upscribbr is a service to change how you buy services and products from your local businesses. This service will save you money and time on everyday activities, like getting your haircut, attending a yoga class, getting your oil changed, or going on an adventure.

While Upscribbr saves people money and time on their daily activities and needs, it also supports small businesses by helping them to create reliable revenue through subscriptions to their services

How Do Upscribbr Subscriptions Work?

When you sign up with Upscribber subscriptions, you are going to save money at local businesses, and be introduced to new ones. Browse the app to find subscriptions or businesses you are interested in. When you find the subscription you want to try, there are three things:

  • Service
  • Price
  • Billing period

You choose the subscription that meets your needs, and you will be billed based on the frequency of the subscription. You are able to cancel, pause, or skip at any time by using your smartphone.

How to Purchase a Subscription?

Tap the subscription and swipe to read the details. From the details, you can choose the plan you want under the ‘select a plan’ (many subscriptions offer multiple plans.)

If the subscription you are looking at has a grayed-out payment area, it means you need to add a payment method to your account. You can then tap the ‘subscribe now’ button at the bottom of the screen. You will need to review the details to make sure you’ve entered the information correctly.

If everything looks right on the confirmation screen, you are ready to place the order! Just click “done” and then click done.

Businesses on Upscribbr can also purchase subscriptions for you. This process is completed by them selecting the subscription and entering your payment information. Businesses can also select your subscription and scan your payment code to make the purchase for you.

How are Upscribbr Subscriptions Redeemed?

It is easy and fast to redeem your Upscribbr subscriptions. The entire process can be completed right from your smartphone.

When you arrive at the business you’ve purchased a subscription to, you tap the subscription tab at the bottom of the Upscribbr app. Look for the corresponding subscription for the business and tap it.

On the top right section of your screen, tap the manage tab. From the manage tab, you simply tap redeem, enter the quantity, and share your scannable QR code icon with the business. Anyone at the business who is able to scan the QR code is able to accept your subscription redemption.

How Do You Start with Upscribbr?

Manage your subscriptions in one app and keep discovering new businesses that interest you in town. To start with Upscribbr, you simply download the Upscribbr App in the app store. Sign up with your phone number, name, and email. Once on the home page, you can now explore local businesses and get great savings.

Why You Need Upscribbr?

Upscribbr is a unique platform for consumers to find great bargains while controlling their subscriptions all in one place. For small business owners, our platform deploys a subscription-based business model to you for your customer base. Upscribbr will empower your business’s growth and success.

Jessica Palmer
Jessica Palmer

Marketing specialist @ Upscribbr