Improve Your Hair Salon POS with Subscriptions

Jessica Palmer
Jessica Palmer

Marketing specialist @ Upscribbr

Improve your hair salon pos with subscriptions

Today’s marketplace offers you the opportunity to tap into a predictable source of revenue for your hair salon. Hair salon membership programs or subscription-based business models are increasing in popularity and add power to your POS. Instead of your clients paying each time they come in for a style, cut, or other services, they pay a set monthly fee for a limited or unlimited number of services.  

Hair salon membership programs help leverage customer relationships to provide you with recurring revenue. Your customers are charged on a monthly or annual basis for your services or products and customers can renew them when they expire or select a different subscription. 

How a Hair Salon Subscription Works with Upscribbr

Your salon needs to attract more customers and keep them loyal in order for your business to grow. A hair salon subscription does just that. Customers like to keep using a brand they can trust and that offers them great service. You can provide all that when you offer them hair salon subscriptions.

Use Upscribbr to create a subscription for your salon services that will put you ahead of the competition. The Upscribbr platform allows you to customize your subscriptions, bundle products, reward your customers and create VIP subscriptions.

Here are a few ideas for hair salon subscriptions you could offer:

Hair Salon Subscription Idea 1- One idea for a subscription is to offer one for $120 a month. The customer pays the $120 and in return receives unlimited blow-outs or styles. You could change the amount or number of times so both you and the customer get the best value from the subscription.

Hair Salon Subscription Idea 2- Another idea for a subscription would be to set the fee at $80 a month and it would allow unlimited trims or cuts. Again, you set the price and frequency that best suits your clientele. With this kind of subscription, you would not have to worry about collecting payments. Just scan your customer’s phone, perform the service and the customer is ready to go about their day.

Hair Salon Subscription Idea 3- Another idea for your subscription-based salon would be to have your fee set on how many haircuts a person thinks they’ll need in a year. For example, they could pre-pay the subscription for a set number of cuts. Once they have used the cuts they prepaid, they would receive a free cut and style.

Hair salons across the country that have implemented a subscription-based model, have expanded their business more than ever expected. With Upscribbr, you will find that your customers are coming in for services regularly, and you get paid in advance for services provided. Upscribbr will automate the billing, handle scheduling, and handle service changes as well.

Think of your subscriptions as contracts with your customers. Your customers will pay Upscribber to purchase the subscription of their choice, and as long as they pay the fee, you provide the service they purchased.

How Your Subscription-Based Salon Business Will Work With Upscribbr

Creating your subscription-based salon business is convenient and easy. Begin by creating customized subscriptions to fit both your business and your customers’ needs. The offer will be displayed on your digital storefront on Upscribbr and available to customers instantly. You can even offer them the option to share a subscription offer with friends and family members. Your salon is paid automatically as you serve customers coming into your salon to redeem their subscriptions. Upscribbr takes care of everything including the recurring billing and scheduling as you focus on providing the best service possible to keep customers coming back.

Contact Upscribbr now, and learn how to launch subscriptions in your salon business today to start increasing your revenue.

Jessica Palmer
Jessica Palmer

Marketing specialist @ Upscribbr