Increase your revenue with nail salon subscription

Jessica Palmer
Jessica Palmer

Marketing specialist @ Upscribbr

Increase your revenue with nail salon subscription

Are you looking for an opportunity to tap into a predictable source of revenue for your Nail Salon? Consider Nail Salon Subscriptions! Consumers are showing their appreciation and love for subscription-based businesses across multiple industries, and nail salons are one of their favorites.

When you launch your nail salon subscription, you’ll enjoy recurring revenue, smoother cash flow, and increased customer engagement and loyalty. A key challenge for any salon business is to keep customers who initially came to you because of a special offer.. Through nail salon subscriptions, you can overcome this challenge and keep them coming back.

Subscription-based model will enable your nail salon to generate recurring revenue leveraging your customer relationships. Your customers will be charged on an annual or monthly basis for your services or products and will be able to renew their subscriptions as long as they are satisfied with your service.

How to Setup Your Nail Salon Subscriptions

If you are a nail salon owner, you are in a thriving industry, that promises to grow even bigger. Your business makes customers feel good about themselves, but you have to get them in the door, or your magic can’t happen.

One tip for attracting more customers and keeping their loyalty is to encourage them to return. Nail salon subscriptions do just that. We are living in cynical times, but brand loyalty exists. Your customers are going to want to attach to a brand they can trust, and you can offer them that trust through your nail salon subscription.

These are some ideas for your nail salon subscriptions:

  1. Purchase ten manicures, receive the 11th one free – Customers will pay upfront for ten manicures, and get 11th at no cost. You can choose a reasonable number that works for you and your customers. You may want to limit it to five manicures within a year to receive the 6th one free. After they have used their free service, encourage them to sign up for another subscription to continue their engagement with your salon. 
  2. Free nail/foot/hand products Another type of subscription can be to offer free products after three paid services. Once the customer has returned for the three paid services through their subscription, they are allowed to choose a free product, such as foot creme, hand creme, or other nail care products. You can determine which products are included in this free offer, but make sure the customer is aware if there are limits to their choices. Trust is the key to retaining customers, and they have to go away feeling good about their subscription. If they complete their subscription only to find out the ‘free’ bonus was only worth one dollar or less, you might never get their business back. 
  3. Free pedicure after three purchases – Customers love the attention they get during a relaxing pedicure. Offering a free pedicure service after purchasing three is a great incentive for a customer to buy a subscription. The subscription can be offered for a year, six months, or whatever you feel will give the customer the best deal and keep them happy and returning. If it is set at a year, the customer can come in as often as they like, and after every third pedicure, they earn a free service. 
  4. Discounted Nail Service A subscription for discounted nail services could offer your customers the chance to purchase a six-month service for nail care at a reduced price. For example, if you charge twenty dollars for a pedicure, the offer could reduce the cost to fifteen dollars, or eighteen dollars, whichever you feel is a better deal. The subscription can be set for one year, six months or whatever time frame you feel will work for your clientele.

Consider these subscriptions a contract between you and your customers. The customer pays for a service over a period of time, and you fulfill this offer so long as the customer pays their recurring payment. Once the subscription is up, your customer can renew or cancel.

How Your Subscription Works with Upscribbr

Creating your subscriptions through Upscribbr is easy and convenient. You begin by creating the subscription offer you want to present to your customers. You are able to fully customize this subscription.

The subscription offer is then put in front of your customers instantly. You are able to invite existing customers, and give them the option of sharing a subscription with family and friends. You can place your subscription offer in the Upscribbr marketplace where new customers can find you and become loyal to your salon.

Your business will be paid automatically. Upscribbr will take care of all recurring billing and scheduling so you can focus on providing the best nail care possible.

You are now ready to sit back and watch your revenue grow. You will have more time to serve your customers, experiment with new subscription ideas, and build your clientele.

Contact Upscribbr today and learn how to launch your nail salon subscription and grow your profits.

Jessica Palmer
Jessica Palmer

Marketing specialist @ Upscribbr