“We bring businesses and customers together”


“We bring businesses and customers together”


One stop subscription shop, simplifying recurring transactions for buyer and sellers
Upscribbr is an all-in-one marketplace where businesses and consumers can come together to buy and sell subscriptions to products and services. Unlike competitors, Upscribbr is not niche-specific and will serve all B2C product and service businesses,as well as B2B service businesses.

The Upscribbr Platform

The Upscribbr platform is a web and app platform that allows businesses to set up a storefront complete with a robust backend to advertise, promote, and deliver on subscriptions, while allowing customers to find, buy and manage subscriptions with ease. Upscribbr handles all transactions making it easy for businesses to launch a subscription for their products and services without having to purchase and managemultiple platforms for marketing and fulfillment.


Lead generation and customer acquisition is a challenge
Difficult to create predictable recurring cash flow
Favorite businesses aren’t offering subscriptions


Upscribbr makes it easy for businesses to find new customers and increase retention
Upscribbr is pioneering the first ever complete subscription marketplace
Upscribbr helps consumers enjoy subscriptions without limits or downsides


Startup Founded

Upscribbr founded from in Minneapolis, MN to help businesses find a smarter way to grow their revenue.

November, 2018

Secure $25,000 in funding

Upscribbr received $25,000 funding from family and friends

January, 2019

Launched MVP

Upscribbr launched first MVP with 10 local businesses

July, 2020

Launched Beta

Upscribbr launchs public beta with 50 local businesses

Aril, 2021

Events & Programs

Fuel Collective Diversity Fellowship

This program provides deserving entrepreneurs from underrepresented communities

December, 2019

Ey Entrepreneur Access Network

This program provides deserving entrepreneurs from underrepresented communities

January, 2021

Funding Goals

We are looking for $500K in funds to provide our business with 24 months of runwayas we work to launch marketing initiatives, expand our sales team and aggressivelygo after new customers.

60% Salaries

10% IT

30% Marketing


Core Team


Silas Wellington

Founder & CEO

10+ Years in sales and business development


Dani Tanaka, MBA


10+ Years in finance as a professional and manager


McKinsey estimates the total market size for subscription e-commerce services is about $12 billion to $15 billion.

We are currently exploring the patent process, but we currently don’t have any registered patents associated with our software.

There is on-average 40% churn associated with subscriptions. The churn rate changes as depending on the product or service.

Most competitions have positioned their business either as a payment processor or a lead generation. Upscribbr aims to bridge the gap between by offering our users a untify platform that offers both solutions.

We’ve launched our MVP in 2019 and our first Beta in 2021. We are currently working on our second Beta product.

Click here to download our pitch deck

Click here to download our pitch deck