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Monthly Income

Ways Upscribbr Can

Increase Your Revenue

Here are some simple, effective ways Upscribbr can increase your income stream

Build strong client relationships

A subscription to your business will help convert your occasional, current clients and acquire new, consistent clients with the goal being to build a trusting relationship between your clients and service providers.

Simplify customer interactions

Upscribbr makes it easy for your clients so they don’t have to make repeated purchases, and you don’t have to constantly reach out to them to remind them to come in for their monthly root-touch up or trim.

Create cashflow consistency

Subscriptions offer much higher payment safety for your business. It helps ensure automatic recurring transactions to receive regular payments for the products and services sold.

Make better business decisions

With Upscribbr you’ll have access to data about your clients, services and revenue. Recognize trends and make data-driven decisions that help your bottom line.

Acquire new clients with ease

New clients find you in two ways –– we show them Upscribbr merchants in their area or they find you by searching on our app.

Stay ahead of the game

The way you interact with clients is changing. More and more salons are using the subscription model to grow their business. Get ahead of competition and grow your marketshare today.

Add an extra income stream to your

business with subscriptions

Make a real impact!

Selling a subscription for your business takes the work out of predicting how many customers you’ll have in each week. By using Upscribbr, not only are you making it easier for your current customers to become regulars, but you’re reaching thousands of potential customers who are looking to commit to a business near them. With more customers coming in more often, you’ll see your revenue soar! And that’s not all — with more people in the building, you’re giving you and your staff the chance to focus on increasing retail spend or upselling on each visit.


You can analyze how your business is performing and calculate the projected revenue of your business. This will help you make informed business decisions. What’s more, you can do this for free, and get the report in seconds..
It’s simple: just plug in your MRR, your revenue growth, and your revenue churn into the respective fields. Set the time period for which you want to forecast your revenue and sit back as the results will be displayed automatically.
MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) is the predictable revenue a business can expect to receive every month. It is calculated by taking into account only the recurring charges from a subscription. MRR for a subscription business can be calculated by summing up the recurring revenue from each customer for a month. Please note that one-time charges or setup fees should not be included in this calculation. For example: If you have customer A with a subscription plan at $20/month and another customer B at $60/month. Then your MRR would be: MRR = (20+60) = $80 Let’s take an example with a combination of monthly and yearly plans. For example: If you have a customer A with a plan at INR 2500/month and a customer B on INR 36000/year. Then your MRR would be: MRR = [2500 + (36000/12)] = $2800
Revenue growth is the average MRR added to your subscription business in a month.
Revenue Churn is a the revenue lost in a period of time. It can be calculated using the following formula: Revenue churn = {Revenue lost in a period / Revenue at the beginning of the period} * 100
You should focus on MRR as it is an accurate form of predicting the subscription revenue coming into your business from customers. It helps you plan and execute business decisions better. Revenue churn tells you the amount of recurring revenue you are losing over a period. It denotes the revenue lost due to leaving customers. So, a lesser revenue churn rate means your customers are retaining more customers and thereby your revenue is healthy.
Yes, you can. Just click the + Compare button, available next to the Revenue Churn field and key in the value you would like to compare with. By comparing different revenue churn rates, you can identify the change you need to make in order to decrease your revenue churn.
  • Interact with customers and get feedback about your product or service.
  • Analyze customer usage and payment trends.
  • Make customer support your number 1 priority.
  • Know when a customer is at risk of leaving.
  • Follow up with leaving customers and try to win them back.
  • Offer discounts and help customers whenever possible.

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