Start a Subscription-Based Coffee Shop

Jessica Palmer
Jessica Palmer

Marketing specialist @ Upscribbr

Start a subscription based coffee shop

Take advantage of the opportunity Upscribbr offers for starting a subscription-based coffee shop and start enjoying predictable revenue. Studies show consumers appreciate and love subscription-based businesses across multiple industries, and coffee shop subscriptions are among their favorites. 

Implementing subscriptions in your coffee shop provides you with recurring revenue and increases your customer’s engagement and loyalty. One of the biggest challenges coffee shop businesses face today is getting customers to come back to their shop. When you make a subscription-based coffee available on your site, you can breeze through slow times with confidence.

When purchasing your subscription, the customer will be billed monthly, annually, or however you set up the plan – and will in turn receive your great-tasting coffee.

How Do Coffee Subscriptions Work?

If you own a coffee shop, you have chosen a thriving industry to work in. Coffee lovers across the globe are visiting coffee shops on a daily basis to start and sometimes end their days with a good brew. If you make great coffee and want repeat business, you have to get customers in the door and encourage them to come back.

If you offer a coffee subscription service, you will not only get customers in the door, but have them returning time and again. The coffee subscription will enable you to build a relationship to drive revenue higher than you ever expected.

With so many coffee options for your customers to choose, creating brand loyalty is a must if you want to run a thriving coffee shop. You can count on a subscription-based coffee shop propelling you past the competition because subscription relationships build trust and “stickability,” helping you to become “the one” coffee shop they choose vs. one of many they frequent!

Ideas For Coffee Subscriptions

Coffee Subscription Idea 1 Almost every coffee drinker has to have their morning fix of brew before starting their day. A coffee subscription for a set amount each month, or each year can allow your customers to get that coffee every day. For example, a $50 monthly coffee subscription could entitle the customer to a cup of coffee every day. There would be no line to stand in to pay. All they have to do is grab their coffee and get on with their day.

Coffee Subscription Idea 2- Another idea for a coffee subscription that would appeal to your more frequent coffee drinkers is an “unlimited cups of coffee” subscription. For example, you could set the subscription fee at $85 per month and enable the customer to come in anytime and as often as they want to get a cup of coffee. Again, there are no lines to stand in to pay, and the whole transaction is fast to get both you and your customer on your way quickly.

Coffee Subscription Idea 3 A lot of coffee shops have unique swag – like giftware and apparel. You could offer a subscription that allows your customer to pay ahead for a set number of coffees, and once used, they can choose a piece of swag from your shop. This model would allow the customer to choose, for example, to prepay for 20 cups of coffee. When they come in for these brews, they don’t have to stand in line to pay, and for using this subscription, you will gift them an item when it expires.

Think of the coffee-based subscription as a contract between you and your customers. The customer will pay the monthly (or whatever frequency you set) payment and you will provide them with their daily coffee. Once the subscription expires, the customer can renew, or even try one of your other subscriptions.

How Your Coffee Subscriptions Work With Upscribbr

Creating a coffee subscription with Upscribbr is convenient and easy. All subscriptions are fully customizable and can be immediately published on Upscribbr Marketplace, where new customers can find them. You can also  invite existing customers to try the subscription and give them the option of sharing the subscription with friends and family. 

Your coffee shop will be paid automatically as you serve your customers – you never have to worry about billing! Upscribbr collects the subscription fee every month and deposits it into your account automatically. When the customer comes in for service, no further transactions are required!

Contact Upscribbr today to launch your subscription-based coffee shop and start enjoying this new and easy method of increasing your revenue.

Jessica Palmer
Jessica Palmer

Marketing specialist @ Upscribbr